Pub-Style Science is a monthly video broadcast hosted by Dr. Isis and Michael Tomasson. The goal of these broadcasts is to share the stories of scientists at the forefront of research, to reduce the barriers to participation in science as a career, engage our community, and educate the public about the practice of science.

Tomasson Michael Tomasson, MD is an Associate Professor at Washington University School of Medicine in the departments of Internal Medicine and Genetics. His research focus is on the genetics of multiple myeloma, a currently incurable cancer of immune cells. He is also committed to mentoring young doctors and scientists and to using the internet as a tool to share untold stories and viewpoints.

Hipster Ariel Dr. Isis is a pseudonymous exercise physiologist at a major research university, studying cardiopulmonary physiology. Her current work focuses on exercise and the the development of the heart and lungs. She’s been around since the dawn of the Internet and is enthusiastic about exercise, hilarious lab hijinks, eating way more than she should, drinking scotch, cracking wise, and promoting diversity. She loves all of those things. And her family. Not necessarily in that order.

General Disclaimer: The opinions expressed reflect those of the individual participants, including Drs. Isis and Tomasson, and not those of their employers or funding agencies.

Roca-Diverse Scholar The Pub-Style Science discussions are curated by Alberto Roca, PhD. Alberto is Executive Director of DiverseScholar and promotes the recruitment, mentoring, and success of diverse doctorates. Alberto’s training is in biochemistry and his current research is in bioinformatics. While a postdoc, Alberto created the web portal MinorityPostdoc.org, founded the Postdoc Committee of the Society for the Advancement of Chicanos and Native Americans in Science (SACNAS), and co-founded the Diversity Committee of the National Postdoctoral Association. Alberto is establishing connections between the minority and STEM online communities by profiling minority STEM bloggers on MinorityPostdoc.org, by curating the Diversity in Science Blog Carnivals, and by organizing sessions at the SACNAS, LATISM, and ScienceOnline conferences.