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You have always had that will to help others and serve the country the best way you can. This is not just a game anymore which you used to play when you were younger. You are in the real world now and you make your own decisions based on what you believe in, pharmafreak you think is right, and above all, what you love the most.

You can still remember those times wherein you try different ways in helping others. Maybe it is part of you to help others and to see others who are happy because you were able to help out the best way you can. It is indeed a different feeling you see yourself with whenever you know in yourself that you were able to show the helping hand to others. It is a different feeling especially when the approach you and thank you for your kindness and for someone to appreciate the things you did really is heartwarming. You can't think of anything but true happiness that in little ways, you were able to show them how it is to help out.

This has made you decide on something very important which is to join the United States Armed Forces. A lot of people encouraged you to do so and there are also some who tried to stop you from the decision because they got scared for yourself. But, you have decided to serve the country and show love to the place which brought you a good life to live in.