Viprinet – Solution to Failing Media Links

Have you heard about Viprinet? Many are still wondering what Viprinet is. Viprinet is a leading software company also known as Viprinet Europe GmbH. It was founded by Simon Kissel together with the rest of shareholders. He acts as the CEO and the Development Head as well.

Viprinet’s Excellent And Latest Inventions

To promote quality bonding solution torender the highest reliable Internet access, Viprinet has developed the following:

• SD-WAN Bonding. The bondingof all different media links both wired and wireless such as ADSL,SDSL, UMTS/HSPA+/3G, or LTE/4G.
• RuggedVPN. The Viprinet's latest bonding solution. A classic firmware that provides maximum bonding capacity and prevents packet loss through Distributed Forward Error Correction or DFEC technology.
• Viprinet Multichannel Router and Hub. The integration of these two devices is needed in the SD-WAN based VPN tunnel method used by Viprinet’s remote station principle.
• Viprinet Virtual VPN Hub. This excellent software application provides functions of a Multichannel VPN Hub in the absence of a specific hardware.

Working on your job may require access to the Internet. Viprinet allows the lifting of network coverage. With other bonding method and solution, low bandwidth, high risk of breakdown and insufficient network coverage are the common problems. Simon Kissel is a specialist in providing trusted and reliable network connections such as the Internet.

Bonding all different wide area network connections such as ADSL,UMTS/3G, LTE/4G, and much more has already made possible through Viprinet’s technology. Viprinet’s latest inventions, SD-WAN bonding, Viprinet administers real aggregation of bandwidth. Wired and wireless WAN connections can already be bonded together to make strong network connections.
As time passes by, Viprinet continuously grow and make profits. Today, people will find Viprinet’s headquarters in Germany. New trends of network technology are being discovered and invented to extend highly reliable network bonding solutions.