A Brand New #PubScience!! Tonight at 8pm CT!!

Tonight we’ll be talking about the culture and philosophy of how we do science. In outlining the topic, Michael Tomasson had this to say on his blog:

I like to share science and the culture of science with anyone who’s interested, especially to show a relaxed side of science to younger people who may be put off by narrow-minded cultural attitudes. PubStyleScience is a science culture experiment along these lines. Let’s open the doors and windows of the scientific enterprise! I see many sci’s on Twitter motivated to expose and correct sexism and racism in the scientific enterprise, to promote fairness and transparency. We can agree that there is some bullshit cultural baggage with science community, but I’m more interested in the subtle baggage that keeps us from doing the best science. I am often surprised at how scientists embrace groupthink. In the abstract, the NIH (for one) declares a love for radical departures and fresh interdisciplinary ideas. And yet, as a scientists love to run in a herd, and in evaluating others, demand conformity. Professional science should be open to a diversity of participants. This is a moral principle, and a conviction that the progress of science will benefit from the participation of a wider range of voices.

So what I’m interested in is the *positive* side of scientific cultural evolution. My tweeps rail against what they don’t like about the old culture…but what are we *for?* For most of the scientists I interact with, we can easily agree on the extreme ends of “unacceptable,” e.g.sexim and racism. But there are softer cultural values that are not clear-cut, but messy. How should we define the differences between “good culture” and bad?
Joining us will be the esteemed Dr. Free-Ride, Dr. Rubidium, and Andrew Brandel. Dr.Free-Ride has already, as is typical, been prolific on the topic. Go read “Is a scientist without philosophy like a fish without a bicycle?“

Here’s a link to the YouTube page where you can watch our hangout as it’s happening, or catch it later in the archive. We look forward to hearing from everyone!