The #IsisVSTomasson Archives:

Episode 1: #ModelOrg

A discussion about the role of yeast, mice, flies, worms, and humans in medical research

DrIsis post: On Sugar Coating Our Science and the Fallacy of Civility
ProfLikeSubstance post: All the pie for humans!
DrugMonkey: Livechat on scientific model organisms, translational research, & clinical research
Panel (left to right): (pending)
Aired May 29, 2013

Episode 2: #MoreInvolved

The topic was increasing the participation of underrepresented populations in research studies as well as in academic careers. This episode first began with a discussion of the purpose, benefits, and challenges of using pseudonyms in social media and academic circles.
DrIsis post: Dr. Isis’s Shoe of the…Whatever. Why are we doing this?
ProfLikeSubstance post: The pseud debate is ever rolling
DuffyMeg: Pseudonyms, Single Mom Postdocs, and, #moreinvolved
DrRubidium: Science-as-utopia
Panel (left to right): @MinorityPostdoc @SciCurious (@eperlste joining late) @DrIsis @deruislr @MTomasson @DrRubidium
Aired June 18, 2013

Episode 3: #StoryMaven

How do you use your stories to engage people? How to run game like a pro, reach your audience, and spread the message. Featuring special guest Danielle Lee @DNLee5
Tomasson post: Brad Pitt is a Better Scientist Than You Are
ProfLikeSubstance post: #StoryMaven
Panel (left to right): @MinorityPostdoc @DNLee5 @eperlste @GertyZ @DrIsis @deruislr @MTomasson
Aired June 25, 2013